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Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon : The New Science and Stories of the Brain -- Paperback / softback [Paperback]

by Jandial, Rahul

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** THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER ** As heard on Chris Evans' Virgin Radio' ** 'You're amazing I could talk to you (Rahul) all day' Chris Evans 'This is a gripping new book' The Times World-leading neuroscientist and neurosurgeon Dr Rahul Jandial draws on his years of work with patients suffering from the most extreme cases of brain damage, disorders and illnesses to reveal what they can tell us about the science of the mind. From a languages teacher who has to choose whether to lose her ability to speak Spanish or English after brain surgery, to a former TV exec, now homeless, who discovers that his life-altering despondency is the result of a tumour, to a fainting teen who learns that deep breathing can mean the difference between life or death, these stories uncover the secret workings of the brain. Blending cutting-edge research and beautiful storytelling, Life Lessons from a Brain Surgeon is a vital resource on the best ways to boost your memory, control stress and emotions, minimize pain, unleash your creativity, raise smart kids and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. This is a deeply practical and readable book, which will take you on an expedition through the anatomy of the most fascinating - and mysterious - of organs.

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項目類型 英文書 (Paperback)
出版日期 2020/02
出版社 Penguin Books Ltd (GB)
ISBN (國際標準書號) 9780241338704
規格/頁數 272p

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