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Thriving in a Male-Dominated Workplace (HBR Women at Work Series) (Hbr Women at Work Series) [Paperback]

by Harvard Business Review / Abrams, Stacey / Hodgson, Lara

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Find success in a workplace dominated by men.

Sexism. Self-doubt. Invisibility. When you're one of the only women in your workplace, it can be difficult to gain your footing. Organizations need to change, but in the meantime, women can find success in these settings—and even flourish in them.

Thriving in a Male-Dominated Workplace provides the advice you need to ensure your professional growth in roles and industries that have traditionally been filled by and controlled by men. From connecting with the right people to growing your confidence to fighting back against bias, you'll be able to establish your credibility and be seen by your colleagues as the expert you are.

This book will inspire you to:

Find support across the organization
Overcome impostor syndrome and self-doubt
Speak up for yourself and your accomplishments
Build a better culture—once and for all

The HBR Women at Work series spotlights the real challenges and opportunities women experience throughout their careers. With interviews from the popular podcast of the same name and related articles, stories, and research, these books provide inspiration and advice for taking on topics at work like inequity, advancement, and building community. Featuring detailed discussion guides, this series will help you spark important conversations about where we're at and how to move forward.

image of Thriving in a Male-Dominated Workplace (HBR Women at Work Series) (Hbr Women at Work Series)
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項目類型 英文書 (Paperback)
出版日期 2022/12
出版社 Harvard Business Review Press (US)
ISBN (國際標準書號) 9781647824617
規格/頁數 208p

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