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Thriving on Overload: the 5 Powers for Success in a World of Exponential Information [Hardcover]

by Dawson, Ross

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When keeping up with massive amounts of information is part of your job and daily life, how do you transform a feeling of overwhelm to a sense of abundance and empowerment? Discover practical insights and strategies to build a positive relationship with information and excel at work and all your ventures.

In Thriving on Overload, Ross Dawson provides simple actionable techniques for staying ahead in an accelerating world. It's all about choosing to thrive on overload—rather than being overwhelmed by it. He draws on his work as a leading futurist and 25 years of research into the practices that transform a surplus of information into compelling value. Develop the five intertwined powers that, together, enable extraordinary performance:

Purpose: understanding why you engage with information enables a healthier relationship that generates success and balance in your life
Framing: creating frameworks that connect information into meaningful patterns builds deep knowledge, insight, and world-class expertise
Filtering: discerning what information serves us, using an intelligent portfolio of information sources, helps surface valuable signals above the pervasive noise
Attention: allocating your awareness with intent, including laser-like focus and serendipitous discovery, maximizes productivity and outcomes
Synthesis: expanding our unique capacity to integrate a universe of ideas yields powerful insight, the ability to see opportunities first, and better decisions

Discover valuable lessons from some of the world's most extraordinary "information masters": entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and researchers who are completely at home in a world awash with information, capable of transforming vast mines of data into the solid gold of insight and effective action. Packed with clear guidance, useful exercises, engaging stories, and handy resources, Thriving on Overload will help you build the capabilities that enable you to outperform your peers and prosper as never before in a world defined by excessive information.

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項目類型 英文書 (Hardcover)
出版日期 2022/09
出版社 McGraw-Hill Education (US)
ISBN (國際標準書號) 9781264285402
規格/頁數 256p

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